Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pump it up !!

Awrite all o yez,

Today's Sunday, and the big man's taking me tae the gym ! I'v never been tae a gym before, but I want tae get ma cat muscles bigger, so I hav tae dae some extasises. Look at all the weights at this gym. I think the big man uses the really heavy ones tae make his muscles pure big haw haw.
Afore ah started, the big man telt me tae have a big stretch, tae get ma muscles warmed up. Yev got tae hae warm muscles afore ye extasise see. I got tae hang aff a big bar in the gym. Here's me gettin a good stretch..

Then after that, I wis ready tae lift the heavy weights. I've never done this before, so the big man helped me oot. Man, they were heavy !! I managed tae do a few with one arm, and teen a few more with the other, It was really, really difficult tae de. Nae wonder the big man makes so much daft noises when he does extasises !

Even the big man wis strugglin ! I think he didnae have enough porridge this mornin. Whit a daftie. I had tae help him wi his weights coz I'm a great big strong cat haw haw.

Woah, I wis kanckered after that ! I hid tae have a lie doon on the gym floor. Maybe I should hav not done some many weights for ma first time. Do you think that I did too much. Look..

I was so tired that the big man gave me a nice drink tae make me feel better. Thats why he drinks them you know, coz it gives him loads a energy ! I hope that you guys always eat up all your food and drink loads a milk n water for energy ! I'll have tae ask monkey if you guys are bein good !! Anyways, I wis well warm after all that, so I got a quick shower and then I got dried..

We came oot o the gym after that, and we went for a wee walk doon to the colourful bridge. And sumthin really cool happened. When a boat comes doon the river, they have tae move the bridge tae let the boat by. How brilliant is that ! Me and the big man got some pictures of the bridge and the boat. Can ye see the boat comin doon the river ?

Here it is !! It's goin under the bridge !

There were other boats in the water too, look at these ones. Can ye count how many mannies are on both boats ?
Once the boats were under the bridge, it hid tae come back doon again to let the people cross over the river. I wis well happy with that, coz I've never been over a bridge before ! I wanted tae go over the other side to see what it was like. Here's me on the bridge.
I could see the bigger bridge fae where I was. It's really is much bigger than the colourful one. Do you see how shiny the water is in the sun ? What a lovely sunny day down here :-)

Here's a picture of the colourful bridge from the other side. Do you think there are lots of people walking on it today ?

We walked back over the bridge, and found a great big market with lots of brilliant stuff for sale. Daddy bought some eggs for his lunch tomorrow, and he found some amazing dresses for Mummy !! Wait till ye see all the great colours. Can you guess which one Mummy would like to wear ?

That's all for now weans n mummy, speak tae yez another day.


Ginger xx

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